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P.W. Shoe Loft Apartments in St. Louis, MO

P.W. Shoe Loft Apartments

3433 Locust Street    St. Louis, MO 63103


  • PW Shoe Loft Apartments Near SLU
  • PW Shoe Loft Apartments Near SLU
  • PW Shoe Loft Apartments Near SLU

Located in a growing neighborhood rich with unparalleled creative businesses, stores, retail and living opportunities, PW Shoe Loft Apartments are conveniently located near the St. Louis University and Harris Stowe University Campuses.

PW Shoe Loft Apartments is a professionally managed housing complex located near Saint Louis University(SLU). PW Shoe Loft Apartments prides itself on providing expeditious responsiveness to building and resident/tenant needs. PW Shoe has a full-time team dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to tenants.
Contact us via email at or call 314.310.1936.

"The thing I like best about PW Shoe Lofts is the great architecture and big living spaces. In comparison to other off-campus housing around SLU, the PW Shoe Lofts have the biggest and most open living quarters." 
- Current Tenant

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