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The PW Shoe building is located in the West Locust and Olive Street Commercial and Industrial District which is comprised of nine industrial and commercial buildings built between 1893-1927, and located directly west of the Locust Street Automotive District.  Since the early days, St. Louis has been known for its importance as a trading center for the Mississippi Valley.  Its economic success can be attributed largely to the development of its manufacturing industries and its attractiveness to firms and corporations as a manufacturing giant. The district represents the growth and development of traditional commerce of St. Louis in the early twentieth century because up until about 1911 the blocks within the district were primarily single family homes, flats, and small stores.

The Pedigo–Weber Shoe Company building was designed by Architect, Albert Groves and was constructed by the Murch Brothers Construction Company in 1918.  The building was one of many shoe manufacturing businesses in the area during the early 20th century.  The building was owned by the Pedigo-Weber Shoe Company from 1918-1940 and then owned by the Millus Shoe Factory Company until 1947.  The one-story addition at the north side of the six story shoe factory was added in 1948 when the building was owned by Stix, Baer & Fuller Company who operated as a dry goods manufacturing business until 1963.

The shoe company building is the only remaining shoe manufacturing building in the district.  Other shoe company buildings existed in the district but have been demolished. 

The district has been home to a number of manufacturing and industrial businesses including shoe manufacturing, printing, and the automotive industry, but is now transforming itself into a neighborhood rich with creative businesses, stores, retail, and living opportunities that are unparalleled.

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